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Solar Punctures: "Big" hole vs. "Little" hole
by Tina MacGregor

Fireplace Poker: With a Scottish twist (Part 2)
By Edward Martin
photographs by Rob Edwards

Horseshoe Display Board
By Lee Liles

Metals in Antiquity
by Bob Heath

Case Study: Flexor Tendon Deformity in a Newborn
By Dan Verneiro

Share Yoyr Skills - For More Profits
By Michael Lind

"Song of a Shoe"
by Eric Jelfs

Getting the Most Out of Your Band Saw
by Ken Roby

Bob Skradzio's One Heat Shoe
photographs by Rob Edwards

(c) 1998 Anvil Magazine

Blasts from the Bloomery - "The Farrier's Role in the Treatment of Equine Lameness"
by Emile Carré, CJF


Interview with Tom Troszak (Part 2)
by Rob Edwards

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