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The Legend of Blacksmith Isaiah
written and illustrated by Jim Derrickson
"When times were lean for honest, sweaty labor, the old blacksmith would play a game of dare..."

Borium To Go
written and illustrated by Richard Klimesh
The wire-feed welder streamlines borium application.

ABANA '96 Gallery
photos by Rob Edwards
Refined ironwork by masters.

Applying the Equine Digit Support System
by Gene Ovnicek, photos by Rob Edwards
"The relationship between the frog and the coffin bone never changes, and is the only true reference."
(Note: This is a photo essay containing 25 photographs. It will take a few minutes to download, but it's worth it.)

Farriery & Laminitis
written and illustrated by Yehuda Avisar, DVM
Practical farriery for acute and chronic cases.

Where the Farrier is a Poor Man
written and illustrated by Les Emery
"In Jaiput I had to pay to see a cart horse shod because the Indians could not believe I was a fellow farrier from America."

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