The Blacksmith's Dream

From the August, 1909 issue of "The Horseshoer' Journal"
Compliments of Bill Miller, Olympia, Washington

published in ANVIL Magazine, December 1997

Last evening I was walking
With a blacksmith old and gray
When he told me of a dream he had,
I think 'twas Christmas day.

While snoozing in his chair
This vision came to view,
For he saw an angel enter,
Dressed in garments white and new.

Said the angel: "I'm from heaven
The Lord just sent me down
To bring you up to glory
And put on your golden crown.

You've been a friend to everyone,
And worked hard, night and day;
You've supported many thousands
And from few received your pay.

So we want you up in glory,
For you have labored hard
And the good Lord is preparing
Your eternal, just reward."

Then the angel and the blacksmith
Started up towards glory's gate.
But when passing close to Hades
The angel murmured, "Wait...

I've a place I wish to show you;
It's the hottest place in hell,
Where the ones who never paid you
In torment forever dwell."

And behold the blacksmith saw there
His old patrons by the score;
And grabbing up a chair and fan
He wished for nothing more.

He desired to sit and watch them
As they'd sizzle, singe and burn
And his eyes would rest on debtors,
Whichever way they'd turn.

Said the angel, "Come on, blacksmith
... here are pearly gates to see."
But the blacksmith only muttered,
"This is heaven enough for me."

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