How-To with Frank Turley

Forming a Traditional Strap Hinge Barrel

photos by Rob Edwards

Published in the March 2000 Issue of Anvil Magazine
1. Forging a "simple scarf" (a short taper) at the far radiused edge of the anvil.
2. The flat side is untouched by the hammer and the corners are slightly chamfered.
3. The piece is forged over the horn of the anvil. Stock is 3/16" x 1 1/4".

4. "Backing up" the bend on the anvil face.

5. The scarf point just touches the parent stock; flat side of scarf faces the stock.

6. A combination drift/mandrel is inserted at the far end of the bend.

7. The strap is lifted to let the mandrel roll away from the smith.

8. The smith lowers the holding hand as he/she "traps" the mandrel with half-face (overhanging) blows. The scarf is up; the loop hangs down. This is a good setup for welding. The hammer is an old three pound Channellock.

9. Twenty Mule Team Borax is applied inside and outside the barrel.

10. More Twenty Mule Team Borax

11. Welding the barrel with half-face blows at a sweating heat.

12. Welding the edge shuts.

13. The drift, tapered at both ends, is once again placed through the eye of the hinge.

14. The drift is driven into the barrel on the anvil face and then moved to the pritchel hole and driven through.

15. Starting to work on the traditional taper at the end of the strap hinge opposite the barrel.
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