New Products

published in ANVIL Magazine, March 1999

1. Horseshoes unlimited

Now available from Horseshoes Unlimited are Copper-Coated Horseshoe Nails. These steel nails are plated with copper at the request of several professional farriers seeking an anti-fungal device. Currently available in five race, 5CH, 5SB, 6CH and 7RH. Contact Ray Steele 413/863-2443 or circle Reader Service No. 137.

2. Cooper tools

The Jim Poor Diamond Farrier Tongs

New, smoother reins and a 3/8” rivet make these tongs the most user-friendly in the industry. A large depression in the jaws makes for more grip and holding power. The tongs are made for specific sizes of bar stock: 3/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 7/16” and 5/8”. Contact Herb Buecher at CooperTools, 843/971-0083 or circle Reader Service No. 289.

3. Grand circuit products

Grand Circuit Products announces the release of Medicated Tuffun Up. The penetrating qualities of Tuffun Up enhance the absorption of Fungidye® in concentrated form, resulting in an effective fungistat. This action gives dormant, beneficial organisms an opportunity to grow a healthy foot, while stopping the growth of destructive fungi. Contact Steve Bloom at Grand Circuit Products, Inc., 800/872-6845 or circle Reader Service No. 103.

4. Nature farms

Nature Farms introduces an entirely unique shoeing box that holds tools in an upright postion. It has a lightweight, tubular steel frame and uses ABS plastic trays and rasp holders which also decrease weight. These features reduce stress and strain on the farrier’s back, arms and wrists. Also available with 4-inch diameter casters (shown). Contact Joe Westphal at Nature Farms 405/527-2059 or circle Reader Service No. 167.

5. Marshallton blacksmith supply

The Bosch Tapper Gun is being distributed to the farrier industry by Marshallton Blacksmith Company. It features a Slimline Design for safe and sure operation, as well as control electronics with speed adjustment for sensitive position of the tap and for torque preselection. It comes with a side handle and depth rod to stop the forward motion of the tap at predetermined depth. Contact Mark Goodfellow at Marshallton Blacksmith Supply 800/257-9743 or circle Reader Service No. 134.

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