18th Annual Farrier Competitions - Stoneleigh, England

published in ANVIL Magazine, December 1996

Wales dominated this year's Stoneleigh International, with Bill Crothers taking the Individuals and Wales taking the Team contest. Twelve teams vied for honors: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, The British Army, Canada, U.S.A., France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Sweden. David P. Smith (Judge A), of England, and James Findler (Judge B), of Canada officiated the judging.

The competitions commenced on Saturday, August 24, with the Individual Competition and continued through the 26th. They are held at Stoneleigh Agricultural Centre, the head office of the Forge of the National Association of Farriers, Blacksmiths & Agricultural Engineers.

For this competition, the competitors have to make a 3/4 fullered shoe on the foot and a calkin and wedge plain-stamped roadster shoe specimen, allocated with hammer-drawn clips made from 262mm x 25mm x 12m flat bar. Drawings of the shoes are sent to the competitors prior to the competition in order that they may practice making the shoes. The time allowed for each competitor is 50 minutes and no striker is allowed. Individual winners were: Bill Crothers, Wales, first; Sandy Beveridge, Scotland, second; Derek Gardner, Scotland, third; Mark Evans, Wales, fourth; Ian Allison, England, fifth; and Richard Ellis, Wales, sixth.

Team Farrier Competition consists of a team of four, and each team is required to shoe a horse all around with 3/4 fullered shoes, front shoe bob punched, hind shoe clips to be hammer drawn. Each judge provides a specimen shoe and will judge shoes made to his specimen. Drawings of this shoe are sent to the competitors before the competition. Time allowed is 60 minutes with a 15-minute changeover. All competitors work in pairs, one striking for the other. The first pair of the team shoe the left front and left hind feet in the morning, judged by Judge 'A' and the second pair shoe the right front and right hind feet in the afternoon and judged by Judge 'B.' Each judge only judges shoes made to his specimen. Scores for the Team Gas Forging Competition were added to the Team event scores.


  1. WALES (211.0)
    Richard Ellis, Bill Crothers, Andy Martin, Jim Blurton
  2. ENGLAND (210.0)
    Darren Bazin, Ian Allison, Mark Preece, Nigel Perrott
  3. SCOTLAND (206.0)
    Derek Gardener, Kevin Balfour, James Ferrie, James Balfour
  4. BRITISH ARMY (202.4)
    S. Cox-Rusbridge, Ivon Bell, Dominic Adcock, Stephen Casey
  5. IRELAND (200.4)
    Paul Duddy, Sam Brennan, Eddie Channon, Ken McCloughlin
  6. FRANCE (198.0)
    Denis Leveillard, Ludovic Mathieu, Franck Barboni, Antoine Corona
  7. USA (197.8)
    Craig Trnka, Jim Quick, Kevin Haley, John Owen
  8. SWITZERLAND (193.6)
    Urs Wursch, Sigfried Dauner, Ulrich Wenger, R. Emmenegger
  9. CANADA (190.6)
    Leo Chapman, Bruce Hague, Art Gallais, Steve Dixon
  10. ITALY (180.0)
    Michele Cianti, G. Gandini, Stefano Falaschi, M. Felicani
  11. AUSTRIA (179.0)
    Balthaser Winkler, Gunter Nenning, Hans Wallner, Wilfred Wallner
  12. SWEDEN (173.6)
    Mats Thomsson, Anders Persson, John Lehtinen, Jacob Norberg

A Team Gas Forge Shoemaking also took place, as well as a two- part Live Forging Championship. Urs Wuersch of Switzerland placed first; Gunter Nenning of Austria, second, and Wilfried Wallner of Austria, third.

A special prize from the sponsor, A.J. Pledger & Co., was awarded to Billy Crothers (Wales) and the Special Bob Marshall from Canada Prize went to Darren Bazin (England). The prize consists of an all-expenses-paid trip to Bob Marshall's Farriery Clinic in Canada, which takes place in April, 1997.

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