August 1996 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Here's a poem that came to me the other day.

A Horseshoer I'll Stay

Shoe'n horses has been my way

For dang near thirty years

It looks as though I'm here to stay

Flip hip ha'ray, three cheers

Oh I've took on some regular work

and punched a clock or two

But it seems my boss would be a jerk

'bout tell'n me what to do

Shoe'n horses has been good you see

There's been good times and some bad

But by golly I work for me

And for that alone I'm glad

I wouldn't trade my way of liv in

For the best job in any town

And the best I'll keep on givin

a keep'n them ponies sound

Gary Minshall
Tryon, Oklahoma

Dear Editor,

I'm passing along this hope to your readers.

The Way to Get to Heaven

A man knocked at the Heavenly Gate

His face was scarred and old

Lie stood before the Man of Fate

For an admission to the fold.

What have pou done? St. Peter asked

To gain admission here?

I have been a Horseshoer, Sir,

For many and many a year.

The pearly gates swung wide open

St. Peter touched the belL

Come in and choose pour harp, he said

You have had your share of hell.

— Author Unknown

Rusty May

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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