...And Out the Other Crossword

c 2001 Richard Klimesh

Published in the November 2001 Issue of Anvil Magazine

3. not difficult
6. stable
7. boat paddle
8. sloppy, wet dirt
11. American Farriers Association
13. apply tack to a horse: tack_____
14. to administer deworming medication directly into a horse's stomach
16. when evening feeding occurs
18. a long pen
19. they lay eggs in manure and wet bedding
20. slang for manure
22. operating room
23. one who consigns a horse to an auction
26. for scooping or leaning on
27. a musical freestyle in dressage
28. what Coggins Test tests for
29. goop
31. what you do to make a knot
32. to push or drive forward
33. not bright
34. movable fencing
37. a stiff brush, used with a flicking motion; fine and _____
38. ingesting food
39. a grooming pad woven of hay or straw
40. an abnormal behavior in the stable environment such as cribbing and weaving
1.Spanish "yes"
2. something horses can't do: throw _____
3. the buildup of snow on the bottom of the hoof
4. female horse over age four
5. calcium carbonate, used as stall odor control
6. English stall
9. horse's mom
10. some do this to thin a mane
12. ventilation
15. also
16. what corral panels are made of
17. freezing centigrade
19. tool for sifting manure from bedding
20. small outdoor living quarters
21. a blind pouch on the large intestine
23. foal feeding area
24. National Rifle Association
25. fiber used for hoof packing
26. farrier's job
30. a popular delivery service
33. not wet
35. fly eggs
36. a veranda, esp. a fully furnished one used as a living-
37. small airborne particles
39. the width of a branch of a horseshoe, known worldwide

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