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The Vulcan of Cuenca
by Lucia Astudillo & Alexander Kennedy Troya
Photography by Fausto Cardosa

Scoop/Rocker Toe/Rolled Toe Shoe
by Pat Ennis, photos by Baron Tayler

Swelled Heels Shoe
by Mike Wildenstein, photos by Baron Tayler

Do Shoeing Schools Cause More Harm Than Good?
by Ron West

Let the Marketplace and the Individual Determine Success
by Bob Smith

Corrective Trimming and Shoeing in Contracted Tendons of Foals
by Yehuda Avisar, DVM

Fireplace Shovel Part II
by Chris Axelsson

A Visit With A Teacher
by Chris Gregory

New York City: 5AM
A Photo Story
by Stan Godlewski

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Blasts from the Bloomery - For The Love of Fire And Iron
by Helmut Hillencamp

Interview with Francis Whitaker
by Rob Edwards