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Welding Clips with a Wire-feed Welder
story & photos by Richard Klimesh
Application and advantages of welding clips.

Removing the Problems in Drilling & Tapping
story & photos by Stephen Teichman
Know your materials - your specifications - your tools.

The Valley Shoe Tapper
by Dave Willis
Simplify threading stud holes.

Studly Do Right
by Myron McLane
Tips on applying horseshoe studs.

American Association of Equine Practitioners
by Richard Klimesh
42nd Annual Convention: standing room only.

Horse Head
by Chris Axelsson
Specialized blacksmithing by a commissioned artist.

Piero Olivieri - The Ferrari of Horseshoes
photos by Jim Seida, Dr. Richard Wolk & Mrs. Pat Wolk
What do the parts for the world-famous sports car and horseshoes have in common?

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Blasts from the Bloomery - To Your Health
by Rob Edwards

Editorial - On the Right Track
by Edwin L. Kinney

Interview with Dr. Eric Straatsma
by Rob Edwards