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Changing the Way you Work: The Alexander Technique
story by Carol Prentice, drawings by David Gorman
Discover a new balance in the body.
(This article is illustrated by over a dozen photos, and may take a few minutes to download.)

The Yin-Yang Theory of Energy applied to horses & man
by Jerry R. Jones
Achieve control with the least effort possible.

Forging Acorns & Pine Cones
by Steve Joslyn, photos by Rob Edwards
Nature's finest depicted in iron.

Spinning a Thread on the Web
taken from the Internet
Dialogue on a fractured coffin bone, complicated by thrush.

A Horse of a Different Breed
T.J. Jones' story as told by Linda Ralston Jones
"He responded by nuzzling his soft nose against my chest. I was hooked."

Farrier Finances, Part II
by J. Scott Simpson
Benefits and long-term planning - yes, for farriers too.

Propane Dragon
by Chris Gregory
"The next thing Mr. Conner and I saw was a streak of smoking horseshoer headed to the horse tank."

What you have to do just to ride a horse
by Les Emory
Russian horsemanship, the hard way.

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Blasts from the Bloomery - Get Ready
by Rob Edwards

Editorial - Choosing Health
by Diana Mead Jordan